What We Do

Today’s Promises is proud to announce our new division of the foundation focusing on helping children native to the Caribbean Islands with severe medical needs. While developing our presence in the Turks and Caicos Islands we met an incredibly special child named Kevanta. Kevanta is a young boy with severe medical needs.


Today’s Promises is responsible for the well-being of the children in our care. The organization takes care of all their basic needs which include:

Meeting the food and nutritional requirements of the children in our care is one of our core responsibilities. Staples such as rice, potatoes, and corn are sourced from local suppliers, while most of the fresh produce will eventually be grown within the Academy’s nutritional garden. To minimize expenditures on food, Today’s Promises will have long-term agreements with suppliers to purchase staple foods in bulk. From time to time, the organization will receive food deliveries from aid organizations such as USAID to help augment the food supply at the institution.

The premises of the Academy will include a dedicated vegetable garden. This garden will serve both educational and practical purposes. Children will learn how to help their caretakers and ground staff cultivate and harvest the garden.

The health of children and staff at the facility will be provided by a hired medical officer. He/She will make regular visits and tend to routine health needs of the children. Complex health problems will be referred to the local clinic and hospital.

In rare cases, Today’s Promises may facilitate transportation to the U.S. for specialized care for children requiring complex medical interventions such as heart surgery, organ transplants, etc.

All children in the facility will receive an education. Realizing that education offers the best hope for these children to come out of poverty, efforts will be made to ensure they receive the best education available.

Some highly gifted children who complete high school may be able to continue their education in the United States. Today’s Promises will leverage its networks to secure scholarships and funding for those children to continue their education.

The majority of children living in the facility have lost one or both parents. Some may have undergone abuse. Regular counseling is necessary for the children’s healthy mental development. Today’s Promises will engage the services of a psychologist and counselor who will assess the mental state of the children and work to address their specific psychological development.

Programs and Initiatives


1. today's promises academy of haiti basic needs for maintenance of the facility

Our mission is well underway in partnership with experienced orphanage managers of the community. This 2nd phase of our mission brings exciting new plans and possibilities, beginning with the lease of an 8,000 sq. ft. home by the Today’s Promises foundation.


The home offers electricity, clean running water, and a safer living environment in a secure location. The foundation is currently working to prepare, furnish, and equip the property to become the Today’s Promises Academy of Haiti — a residential facility where children live, learn, and flourish. Much more than a typical Haitian orphanage, Today’s Promises aims to go beyond the bare essentials of food and shelter to nurture the whole child — physically, mentally, and emotionally. With your contributions, it will be possible to move the children to this new facility. It is large enough to house all of the children and staff with room to grow. The building has room for a garden and a chicken coop.

Before the children move in, we need to acquire beds, mattresses, cooking utensils, basic furniture, toys, and many other essentials to run a functioning home. Part of your contributions will be used to cover these items. Help us relocate the children into their new home. No donation is too big or too small, and all funds will be channeled towards this noble cause.


We are in desperate need of medicine for the children to include: cold and flu remedies, aspirin, Aleve, stomach remedies, Alka-Seltzer, Band Aids, alcohol, etc. If you are a father or mother you know exactly what they need. Please help us meet this need by donating today or contacting us regarding what you can readily donate.

3. KEVANTA's Surgery

Today’s Promises’ special project that we hope to finish, is to give a new life to Kevanta Mc Intosh. A child full of energy. A child full of dreams and aspirations. Because of his medical condition, he is now living a life far from his dreams. Far from what he envisions himself to be. To give hope, love and a promise to make a difference in this world. We at Today’s Promises, in fulfilling our mission to help the impoverished and sick children of the Caribbean, we promise to be with Kevanta all the way until he will have his surgery done and have a normal productive life.

Help us make this world a better place for the children, help us make Kevanta’s surgery a reality.



1. Chicken Coop

Today’s Promises foundation plans to build and maintain a chicken coop on-site. Children will be educated on the basics of rearing chickens for a living. Most of the eggs laid by the chickens will be consumed by our children, while some may be sold to the local community. The chicken coop will help provide the children with protein-rich meals and possibly some income for other necessities.

The estimated cost for this project is approximately $3,000. The funds will go to purchase the necessary materials to build the coop and to purchase the chickens. We will also purchase feed and supplies to properly raise the chickens to produce eggs.