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Today’s Promise is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable foundation incorporated in the US in Tennessee. Our foundation came into being when a devastating earthquake hit Haiti in the year 2010.

Today’s promise seeks to improve the lives of the in-need children throughout the Caribbean. Our goal is to help raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted children with the knowledge and skills to become responsible, productive, and self-sufficient adults.

Today’s promise has a completely new goal. We are proud to announce our new foundation division focusing on helping the children native to the Caribbean islands with severe medical needs.

As we developed our presence in the Turks and Caicos Islands, we came across a special child named Kevanta Mc Intosh. His condition is as described further.

Kevanta Mc Intosh
About Kevanta

Kevanta is a young boy with severe medical needs. Kevanta’s only family is his mother and his younger sister, his mother the only bread earner of the family. Yet, he is a child full of energy, and despite his medical condition, he strives hard to match up with the kids of his age.

He desires to lead a normal life like the other children around him but can’t do so due to his medical condition. He is sadly living his life far away from what he had envisioned it to be. He goes to school at the S.N.A.P. center. He faces difficulty in writing and can only make a few scratches in his book.

Kevanta’s Medical Condition

Kevanta was born with normal delivery. He was just like any other kid when he was born. His mother was completely unaware that her son was going to have a severe medical condition in the upcoming months.

After a period of 19 months, kevanta started having seizures, also known as generalized seizures. He used to be a very chirpy and hyper child till the age of three. He was very talkative and enjoyed playing. But he stopped speaking when he was three due to his tooth disorder.

Due to his seizures, Kevanta’s teeth are not normal. He has deformed teeth, few which pop out and few which have grown beneath his gums, due to which he faces a lot of difficulty in eating.

The Treatment Required For Kevanta

Kevanta requires a complete jaw re-instruction. The deformed teeth on his gums have to be extracted and implanted with new ones. Few teeth have grown under his gums, they too need to be extracted, and his entire jaw needs to be made in shape.

Kevanta’s surgery is very expensive, and his mother alone cannot handle all the expenses as she does not have a helping hand in her family. Therefore, we have made it our Today promise to help kevanta and his family get the surgery he needs.

Our Goal

As we have made it our mission to help the impoverished and the sick children of the Caribbean, we promise to be with Kevanta until he will have his surgery done and will have a normal productive life.

We ensure that every helpless kid will get the assistance as needed. We ensure to make a change in every person’s life.

Your Contribution

Your contribution to our foundation could help us give Kevanta the best treatment. By doing your little, you can change the entire life of this young child. He is the one who is fighting every day trying to lead a normal life; with our support and help, we can make him lead a normal healthy life.

Your sponsorship will help the needy children escape all the difficulties. Every dollar you donate unlocks an additional $30 in grants from institutions, donated medicines, and supplies.

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